Shopify POS (Point Of Sale) – Absolute must-have for your offline store

Shopify POS

Shopify POS (Point Of Sale) is a blessing for your business especially when your business model includes a physical store! In this article, we will provide information about the Shopify POS system. For whom is this useful, and how can it be set up? Software Requirements, Shopify POS Hardware Requirements, How to choose the right POS, etc.

What is POS (Point of Sale)?

A set of software and hardware that helps in customer checkout, acceptance of payment, updating bank account after each sale, studying sales performance, managing inventory, etc.

Hardware Components

Shopify POS primarily includes hardware components and software components. When it comes to hardware components, you can begin the setup with just a smartphone and a card reader (To read credit/debit cards or gift coupons).

Also depending on your type of business, you can use the tablet to display your products if you need. An integrated cash drawer if you accept payments in cash. A barcode scanner if you want to simplify billing and inventory; A printer if your customers insist on having printed receipts.

Shopify POS System

Some common hardware of the POS system

  • POS terminal.
  • Cash drawer.
  • Tablet or smartphone. 
  • Bar code scanner.
  • Credit and debit card reader.
  • Receipt printer. 
  • Label printer. 
Software Components

This is the most important yet invisible part of the entire Shopify POS system. The main responsibilities of the software part include communication with the inventory management system and communication with the customer’s bank system in case of payment by card. The main challenge with the software part occurs when you have physical stores located in more than one place.

Apart from this, the software part plays a crucial role even when the online store is connected with a centralized inventory management system. The Point of sale system easily syncs your online and offline stores so you can focus on the business.

The common practice for digitization of many businesses is from offline to online and later when the sales increase on the online store too, inventory management becomes complex. One has to take an effort to compare the figures of online and offline sales by oneself, even one cannot get a hundred percent correct figures!  

Shopify POS

As an added benefit, you can send a newsletter to the email address of the person who has visited the physical store. You can advertise various products in this newsletter, bringing them to your online store. It’s one of the hidden benefits of Shopify’s Point of Sale system.

Data is king!!
Shopify POS

A merchant can segment customers by analyzing the data generated by the POS System and leverage it to generate individual offers and discount coupons and many more. Data can help merchants recognize the purchasing patterns of each customer. Digital. Data speaks louder than the manual paperwork statistics!

Perks of using POS system

  • Managing your inventory centrally 
  • Real-time sales data collection and visualization
  • Creating detailed profiles of customers 
  • Payments accepted anywhere
  • Enhancing in-store sales
  • A faster way to open new stores 
  • Meeting the changing needs of the business 

If you also want to get these benefits, then you can’t neglect the set up of Shopify POS System. for more information you can visit its official page from the link below.