Recently, on 29th June 2021 Shopify’s annual Shopify Partner – Developers Conference (Shopify Unite 2021) was held with the theme Coding Commerce Together.

What is Coding Commerce? Do merchants now have to handle coding to run a store? No, on the contrary, Shopify aims to reduce the dependency on coding of any store as even if you are a tech person, time is of the essence when it comes to running an online store.

This blog will let you know what is stored for the merchant in this 2021 Shopify Unite event.

Power of customization

What appears aesthetic good is sold.The genZ is becoming a visual lover instead of text these days. The importance of visual & user experience in any field cannot be denied.

With this in mind, Shopify has released the most notable update of the platform call Online Store 2.0.

Thanks to the online store 2.0 which allows merchants to change the layout of the store without having to play with the codes.

Content managing will become more flexible with the help of sections and blocks, the unlimited possibilities of creating a personalized and aesthetic store will open up.

Payment related announcements

Right now the customer has more than one option to not only buy online but also to pay after purchase. If you do not want to lose the customer you will have to provide the payment methods of their choice.

Shopify could not resist the temptation to bring the Buy Now Pay Letter strategy into its ecosystem, and why not? This strategy could help merchants increase their revenue. With the help of Shop Pay, the customer will be able to pay the bill in four easy installments.

Built in Email marketing tool

Email marketing is still the leading & most used option when it comes to digital marketing. Shopify will allow you to use a variety of customizable email marketing templates. Shopify Email tool will be integrated directly with your store, hence it will fetch brand logo as well desired products to automatically. It will reduce dependency on various several email marketing apps.

Different store needs different storefronts

You can customize the storefront to your needs with Shopify’s Storefront API, adding a variety of new cutting-edge experiences such as subscription selling plans or international pricing displays.

If you want to be big, think big, and be big. Start a side business with your main store for wholesale buyers of your own products or other outsourced products

*Handshakes is only compatible for USA only.

Shopify ecosystem is evolving day by day and bringing new edge features with every updates. As Tobias Lütke (CEO, Shopify) quoted in the event “There were two completely different distinct industries, the retail industry & the online commerce industry. Now it’s just commerce industry. A lot has changed in a year.” chances are there might be only the shopify commerce ecosystem. Are you part of this ecosystem yet? then when? 

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