Auto Tags


Step into the dynamic realm of e-commerce, where precision and organization reign supreme. The Auto Tags – Customers & Orders app emerges as a game-changer, simplifying customer and order tagging for Shopify store owners. Elevate efficiency and supercharge your marketing strategies with this indispensable tool.

The Power of Automated Tagging:

Imagine a tool that effortlessly categorizes customers and orders based on predefined rules, bringing automation to the forefront. The app revolutionizes marketing segmentation and wholesale applications. Tag customers automatically, including existing ones, ensuring your customer database stays organized and accessible.

Flexible Rules and Conditions:

Experience the standout flexibility of Auto Tags. Define rules effortlessly with flexible conditions, group conditions, and logical operators (AND and OR). Craft intricate rules tailored to your needs, ensuring perfect alignment with your segmentation strategy.

Effortless Tagging for Every Scenario:

App handles every scenario seamlessly – new orders, past orders, you name it. Automatically tag orders and customers upon creation, and retroactively tag past orders. The result? A well-organized system that enhances your store’s efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface:

Navigate the app effortlessly with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. No steep learning curves – Auto Tags simplifies even the most complex tagging operations, making it valuable for users of all expertise levels.

SEO Benefits and Market Advantage:

Beyond convenience, App contributes to your store’s SEO strategy. Organized tagging improves search engine visibility, driving more traffic. Leverage tags for marketing segmentation to gain a strategic advantage in targeting specific customer groups.

Installation Guide:

Getting started with app is straightforward. Explore more details on AppifyCommerce and follow the simple installation guide to unlock the power of automated tagging.


Auto Tags – Customers & Orders app is more than a tool; it’s your partner in efficiency and precision. Elevate your Shopify store’s organization, enhance marketing strategies, and embrace the future of automated tagging. Install Auto Tags now and experience the transformative impact on your e-commerce journey.

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