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Congratulations! You reading this article about Shopify Plus bring us to the conclusion that either you are about to upgrade your existing plan of Shopify to Shopify Plus or else you have already scaled up the organization and now gazing at global horizons. 

I know you are already aware of Shopify Plus fees I mean 2000$  p/m is quite a huge right!! Having a second opinion seems legit before start a Shopify Plus journey. I hope this article helps you to make your decision.

Global is new Local - Aim for the global success with multiple clone stores

In the Shopify Plus model, you get not only 1,2,3 but a total of ten stores to extend your reach to multiple continents. Yes, ten stores that too centralized to 1 admin panel.

Imagine you are the king of market share in your native country or state. Your products & services have the potential for concurring the world. Perhaps different audiences could have a different choice. Your native store is in your native language simultaneously you want to 2 other stored in India & China respectively in their native languages. Well, Shopify Plus got you cover!

Fast & custmized checkout

Checkout time user experience plays a crucial role in conversation rates. As a Shopify Plus member, you are privileged to customize the checkout experience for your customers; for example, you can narrow down the checkout process from its default two pages into a single page.

Wholesome plan for your wholesale business.

Wholesale business is a very high maintenance & complex business model. Shopify Plus’s wholesale channel lets you handle your wholesale business hassle-free by allowing you to create a separate password-protected wholesale extension store.

Your wholesale store will have a different storefront from your primary online store/s that will allow you to offer custom pricing for your wholesale customers.


  • Different prices to different wholesale customers
  • Set fixed (flat) prices for products and variants in price-lists
  • Volume-based pricing rules for products and variants
  • Percentage-based discounts across your entire store or across collections

The cherries on the top:-
1) You can invite a customer to activate a wholesale store account, they can log in and create purchase orders.
2) You can send a customized invoice email that allows the invoice to be paid using a different payment method, such as a wire transfer


More Stores - More Sales - More Staff

Unlike any other Shopify plan, it doesn’t come with restrictions. As you expand your stores, simultaneously expand your teams without worrying about any limitation on creating staff accounts because Shopify Plus offers you unlimited staff accounts. 

Flow - Automate routine tasks & fly with flow

Productivity & time management is the main parameters to get success in any field. Don’t let your precious time get killed by repetitive tasks. Flow in Shopify Plus offers readymade templates for automating common tasks in your store.

You can also create a template of your own as per your needs.

Cost-cutting friendly

Shopify Sucess

Fewer transaction fees

As Benjamin Franklin stated,” A penny saved is a penny earned.” with just minor, 0.15% transactional fees on the third-party payment processor, you can save a fortune in the long run. 

Are you saving obsessed? Then Shopify’s payment system Shope Way costs you 0% transactional fees. In addition, you could boost the conversation rates up to 18%. 

FYI:-  In the Basic Shopify plan transaction fees are 2%, in Shopify, it is 1%, and in Shopify Advanced Shopify it is 0.5%

Hand holding support & they mean it.

Last but not least, the heart of any service or product, the customer support service. Along with priority, support you will also receive a dedicated Launch Manager. that will help you with building/migrating and even with launching the store.

We are sure you will be the future successful case study for the millions of Shopify merchants. Happy Business.

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