Why Shopify App Store?

Let’s start on a note that you are aware of the Shopify eCommerce platform. And if not check out our previous blog about Shopify.

Imagine having a smartphone without an internet connection or any additional apps, you can imagine but you can’t achieve its maximum potential without the internet or apps; the same goes with Shopify-powered stores.

Shopify App Store Logo

Shopify app store was introduced as a bridge between shop owners (merchants) & thousands of apps that are designed by developers to add value to millions of stores.

As any successful offline stores would rely on chains of third-party services online stores could be no exception. Shopify has got your back already. Shopify app store is loaded with thousands of apps that will make you more eCommerce obsessed and there will be no way for you to go back to old school offline business model. 

Since 2011, there have been more than 12 million app installs, and today 87 percent of merchants say that they rely on apps to run their business.

Courtesy:- Shopify Blogs

Designed in a way that even layman or newbie could easily find suitable apps

After tons of study and understanding merchant’s needs, Shopify introduced a categorized interface, which saves time while shopping for the app and merchants could get an insight into other productive apps that might work best for them.


A lot of apps are free to install whereas for some apps you will have to spend some extra bucks, costs of Shopify apps are decided by their developers. Prices could be vary based on their features offering or problem-solving abilities. 

Different developers follow different billing models for their apps.

  1. One-time charges
  2. 30-Day subscriptions
  3. Annual subscriptions
  4. Usages based charges
  5. Application credits

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