Accessibility Toolkit

  • Pricing: 5.99$ Per Month; 1$ Discount for the first 2 months. 
    (449.25 INR after the first 2 months of 374.25 INR)
  • Screen Reader
  • Invert Colors
  • Increase / Decrease font size
  • Highlighted Links
  • Greyscale Mode

Image Magnifier

  • Pricing: 1.49$ Per Month; 10% discount for first month.
    (111.75 INR After first month with 100.75 INR)
  • Simple yet significant admin dashboard
  • Grayscale image animation
  • Two types of magnifiers
  • Set the zoom level, magnifier glass size & nice little border around the magnifier
  • Hand holding customer support
  • Live preview at app admin panel
  • You can set a custom class of image selector for the magnifier

Auto Tags- Customer & Order

  • Free Plan Available
  • Prices vary from 5.99$ to 19.99$ (Excluding In-App Purchases)
    (Prices vary from 449.25 INR to 1499.25)
  • Create automation of tags
  • Multiple conditions based rules creation
  • Apply tags to past orders 

Refund Policies

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When the Services are terminated by you or by us, for any reason, we will stop providing the Services to you, and you will no longer be able to access our apps. Please not that we are not charging you directly we are getting paid out via Shopify platform and the bill generated by Shopify for your services.