How do I post a question myself?

1) You will find the ‘Add Question’ Button at the end of the very top panel on the homepage. 2) Select a product regarding which you desire to post a question. 3) Enter your question in the ‘Question box’. 4) Write an answer in the ‘Answer box’. 5) Leave the “Make it public” tick ON. 6) Click “Save”. 7) Go to a particular product page and you will find your question posted there with the answer. 8) Kindly, refer to the given below images.

How do I find MailChimp API key and List Id?

1) To get apikey Login to your MailChimp account via Once logged in to MailChimp, click on the Account Name at the top of the left hand side bar and select Profile. Click on Extras and a drop down will appear. From here, select API Keys. Under Your API Keys you’ll find your API Key listed in the table below. 2) To get listid Navigate to the Lists page. Click the drop-down menu next to the list you want to work with, and choose Settings. Click List name & defaults. Find the List Name heading and look nearby for the List ID.