In an era where online stores are rapidly replacing brick-and-mortar establishments, the need for immediate and personalised communication remains unparalleled. Welcome to the game-changer – Bizify, our Shopify app that seamlessly integrates WhatsApp, providing your online store with a direct line to your customers. Say goodbye to confused shoppers and hello to a new era of instant assistance.Explore Bizify today and revolutionize your customer support experience! Bizify Shopify app by AppifyCommerce.

The Missing Element in Online Shopping:

Despite the convenience of online shopping, there’s often a missing element – the absence of a sales staff to guide potential buyers. Well-written product descriptions and buyer reviews only go so far. Shoppers may still encounter confusion or hesitation before making that final decision. Enter Bizify, filling the void by enabling real-time communication through WhatsApp.

The Power of Instant Communication:

Bizify adds a WhatsApp chat widget to your Shopify store, allowing visitors to contact you directly on the provided WhatsApp number. This instant connection bridges the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. No longer do shoppers have to navigate their concerns alone; with Bizify, assistance is just a message away.

Why Bizify?

  • Seamless Integration:
    • Easily add a WhatsApp chat widget to your Shopify store without any coding hassle.
  • Addressing Confusion Instantly:
    • Provide immediate assistance to potential buyers, addressing their concerns in real-time.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience:
    • Elevate your customer service game by offering a direct line of communication, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Boosting Sales:
    • Studies show that immediate assistance during the decision-making process leads to higher conversion rates. Bizify turns hesitant visitors into confident buyers.
  • Easy Setup:
    • No technical expertise required; Bizify offers a user-friendly setup for quick integration.
  • Automated Responses:
    • Customise automated responses to common queries, ensuring customers receive instant answers even outside regular business hours.
  • Share via WhatsApp:
    • Empower your visitors to easily share your products with their contacts on WhatsApp, leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing.


In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, Bizify stands out as a vital tool to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Elevate your Shopify store, boost sales, and foster customer loyalty with instant WhatsApp communication. Embrace the future of online retail – embrace Bizify.

Ready to transform your Shopify store? Install Bizify today and take the first step towards a more connected and customer-centric online shopping experience.

Bizify-Whatsapp chat

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