Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is someone you know, right? He is famous for his super-hit movies, right? Like Deadpool! Obviously, but he is more than that. He is serious entrepreneur;  even more A marketing genius (king of building iconic brands and making iconic jokes) ! Every business owner should learn lessons from him on how to grow your brand’s value.

He created iconic brands and aspirational positioning in a wide range of industries like

  • A gin company

  • A football club

  • A mobile provider company

  • An ad agency

  • Himself

This guy is a gold mine for brand-building, advertising, and business inspiration.

Marketing story of 
Aviation Gin
Aviation Gin

Okay, let’s get real. The fact that a celebrity is the owner of an alcohol company is about as impressive as the fact that a college student owns a guitar. It’s not like that, you know.

The story here is not about a rich superstar buying a gin company.

It’s a story about creative geniuses defying the rules in order to create empires.

Ryan acquired a stake in Aviation Gin in 2018.

It makes sense that he would be the face of the brand.
You could even expect him to be totally hands-off.
Would you expect him to be just another marketing person?

The tweets Ryan sends in quintessential Ryan style are not advertisements.
There is no doubt in your mind.
It’s retweeted by you.
You want to give it a try!

Aviation Gin

Ad commercials can be found in the ‘Entertainment’ section of their website!

Confident. Cheeky. Creative.

Ads, entertainment, or whatever you want to call them, are creative masterpieces.

You can actually watch them for fun.A few copywriting gems from aviation ads

  1. An American original… now owned by a Canadian.

2. What the ad says: “You’re gonna die, vodka.”

Lesson over here is: If you’re not a marketer, you can still be a marketer 

Marketing story of 
Mint Mobile

The Super Bowl is the most prestigious place to advertise in the US.To be esteemed costs an absurd amount.In Super Bowl 2020, what did Ryan Reynolds do? In the New York Times, he ran a full-page advertisement. Basically, it says:
Everyone is spending $5 million on a Super Bowl ad. I’m planning to save that and give you free service instead.

Mint Mobile

He saved a ton of money, Got the attention, Promised to pass,savings to people Got some more attention

  • How to kill with unconventional advertising
  • How to spin regular content into light-hearted spots
  • Smart ways to use cheaper advertising avenues

Moral of the story : Ads can be (and should be) excellent content, as Ryan Reynolds demonstrates. In addition, the selling will take place. Even you are running short on budget or you don’t have professional marketing team yet; Cut out all the unnecessary information and concentrate only on what important. Know what the target audience will enjoy.

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