Taggify – Customer & Orders App: Boost Your Shopify Store

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, managing customers and orders efficiently is the cornerstone of success. Introducing Taggify – the game-changing Customer & Orders app by AppifyCommerce. This app revolutionizes how you handle your Shopify store, automating the tagging of customers and orders to streamline your operations and supercharge your marketing efforts. Let’s dive into how Taggify can transform your business into a well-oiled machine.

Unlock the Power of Tags in E-commerce

Tags are the secret sauce to organizing and managing data in e-commerce. They allow you to categorise customers and orders. Making it a breeze to segment your audience for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a retail powerhouse or a wholesale giant, tags give you a clearer view of customer behavior and order trends, enabling smarter business decisions.

Standout Features of Taggify

  1. Effortless Automatic Tagging Say goodbye to manual tagging drudgery. Taggify automatically tags customers and orders based on your custom rules. Once your criteria are set, the app works tirelessly, ensuring accurate and effortless tagging.
  2. Enhanced Marketing Segmentation With Taggify, you can precisely segment your customer base, tailoring your marketing efforts to specific groups. This feature is a game-changer for wholesale businesses and retailers looking to maximize their marketing impact.
  3. Customizable Conditions and Group Operators Flexibility is key. Taggify lets you set intricate tagging rules using conditions and group operators (AND/OR). This ensures your tags are applied exactly as you need them, giving you complete control over your data organization.
  4. Tag Existing Customers with Ease Taggify isn’t just for new customers. Easily tag your existing customers with new criteria, keeping your database organized and up-to-date without any manual intervention.
  5. Automate Tags for Past Orders Don’t leave your historical data behind. Taggify allows you to apply tags to past orders, ensuring your entire order history is as organized as your new entries.
  6. User-Friendly Interface We believe in simplicity. Taggify’s intuitive interface ensures you can set up and manage your tagging rules without any hassle, making the user experience smooth and enjoyable.

Getting Started with Taggify

  1. Install the App Head over to the Shopify App Store and install Taggify – Customer & Orders App by AppifyCommerce.
  2. Define Your Rules Set your tagging criteria based on conditions such as purchase behaviour, order value, product types and more.
  3. Automate the Process Once your rules are in place, Taggify will automatically apply tags to all relevant customers and orders, including past ones.
  4. Leverage Your Data Use the tagged data to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Analyze performance and tweak your tagging rules for optimal results.


Taggify – Customer & Orders App by AppifyCommerce isn’t just another tool; it’s your ticket to a more organized, efficient, and profitable Shopify store. By automating the tagging process, it saves you time, enhances your marketing capabilities and ensures a seamless user experience. Whether you’re scaling your retail operations or managing a wholesale business, Taggify equips you with the tools to succeed.

Transform your Shopify store with Taggify and experience the future of e-commerce today!

Boost Your Customer Service with WhatsAppify for Magento

In the digital age, exceptional customer service is crucial. At AppifyCommerce, we’re dedicated to helping businesses enhance their customer interactions. Introducing WhatsAppify for Magento, a game-changer that integrates WhatsApp directly into your Magento store, making customer communication effortless. Let’s dive into how WhatsAppify can improve your customer service and how you can get started.

What is WhatsAppify?

WhatsAppify is a simple yet powerful tool that makes it easy for your website visitors to reach out to you via WhatsApp. There’s no need for complicated setups or technical know-how—just add your number, activate the widget and you’re all set to connect with your customers in real-time.

Checkout our youtube video to check how it will work: Watch our demo video.

Key Features of WhatsAppify

1. No Tech Skills Needed

Setting up WhatsAppify is super easy. No coding or technical expertise required. Just pop in your WhatsApp number, enable the widget and you’re ready to start chatting with your customers.

2. Easy-to-Use Interface

WhatsAppify’s interface is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you’re a tech expert or not, you’ll find it simple to navigate and customize.

3. Make It Your Own

You can customize the chat widget to match your brand. Choose an icon image, decide where the widget should appear on your site and even personalize the message that shows when customers hover over the icon.

4. Compatible with WhatsApp Business

Whether you use WhatsApp for personal communication or have a WhatsApp Business account. WhatsAppify works seamlessly with both.

5. Works Everywhere

WhatsAppify is compatible with desktop, web and mobile. Ensuring you can connect with your customers no matter how they visit your site.

How WhatsAppify Benefits Your Business

Engage Customers Instantly

With WhatsAppify, you can chat with customers in real-time right from your website. This immediate interaction helps you answer questions, offer support and build stronger customer relationships.

Save Money on Communication

WhatsAppify leverages the popular WhatsApp platform so allowing you to communicate without the need for expensive subscriptions or extra charges.

Easy Integration

Adding WhatsAppify to your Magento store is a breeze. It integrates smoothly, adding powerful functionality without complicating your existing setup.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Quick responses to customer inquiries lead to higher satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to trust your brand and make purchases.

Getting Started with WhatsAppify

Step 1: Install WhatsAppify

Download and install the WhatsAppify extension from the Magento Marketplace.

Step 2: Set Up Your Widget

Go to the WhatsAppify settings in your Magento admin panel. Add your WhatsApp number, upload your preferred icon, choose where the widget will appear and customize the popup message.

Step 3: Activate the Widget

Save your settings and activate the widget. It will now be visible on your website, ready for visitors to start chatting.

Step 4: Test Everything

Make sure everything works perfectly. Open your site, click on the WhatsApp icon and start a test conversation to see if the messages are being sent and received properly.


WhatsAppify for Magento by AppifyCommerce is a fantastic way to improve your customer service. It allows for quick, personal interaction through a platform that your customers already know and trust. Start using WhatsAppify today to enhance your customer engagement and boost your business success.